Daycare Safety and Security

There are many factors to consider when looking for a daycare for your child. But safety should always be at the top of your list.

At Darnall School, we understand this and have the highest standards for safety.  

Safety standards for things like licensing, childproofing, staff-to-child ratios, indoor and outdoor spaces, staff behavior, behavior policies, etc. are important The security of your child is very important to us, with this in mind we have safeguards in place to protect your children.  


Safety is a Priority 

Safety is a priority at Darnall School.  We want to provide you with a safe, healthy environment in which you can feel worry-free when you drop your child off at our doors.  With this in mind..

  • Every teacher is CPR certified and trained in first aid.  
  • Every employee has completed an extensive background check
  • Our security system only allows parents to enter using an authorized code
  • Check-in on our keypad is required to gain access throughout the building
  • Only authorized parents, relatives or friends are allowed to pick up your child. 


Our Licensing Standards 

Darnall School is a Certified Better Beginnings Daycare. 

We go above and beyond to ensure your child is safe.  Safeguards and written safeguard policies are in place for the protection of your child.  We adhere to the Better Beginnings policies and licensing regulations. 

Our Policies

Our policies are written and focus on positive reinforcement. Our staff uses positive techniques to guide behavior in a developmentally appropriate manner redirecting children, rather than scolding them. 



Child Proofing

Darnall School child proofs each room and keeps policies in place for checking our child-proofing. 

  • Window blind pull strings are looped up out of reach and fastened with anchors
  • Cribs are placed out of reach of windows and window blinds
  • Outlet covers are in firmly in place
  • Stairs are blocked off by stair gates
  • Changing tables and high chairs have straps which are used to secure the child
  • Toys are clean and in good condition
  • No small objects around that children could choke on
  • Potentially toxic substances (like medications and cleaning supplies) are secured out of reach of children

Teacher/ Child Ratio

Darnall’s keeps good caregiver-to-child ratios in each room to allow for an appropriate level of supervision

Open Door

We welcome our parents to drop in and ask us questions.  We believe that we are your partner in parenting so you should feel comfortable asking any questions, observing a normal day, enjoying a kid-themed party, or simply calling us to ask how your child’s day has been.  We strive to provide your child with all the tools needed to learn, grow, and thrive, you are a big part of that equation.